Fadumo Dayib

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Fadumo Dayib is the first female candidate for president in Somalia’s history. Elections in Somalia are scheduled for October 2016, but could likely be postponed to early 2017.

The inspiring personal journey and courageous political ambition that Fadumo exemplifies has the potential to transform one of the Africa’s most highly repressive societies, and a nation that has suffered from truly intolerable levels of violence, warfare and military dictatorship for over three decades. Dayib is running on a courageous platform of good governance, responsible leadership, women’s empowerment and equal economic empowerment. Her candidacy, and her ultimate success, could have a profoundly positive impact on Somalia and for the overall region.

The Horn of Africa – of which Somalia is a part – has been a chronic hot bed of terrorism and instability for the past several decades. Advancing democratic norms and helping to cultivate a culture that better respects human rights will undoubtedly provide a boon to regional stability and boost counter-terrorism efforts in both the short and long term.

Fadumo Dayib is unquestionably a change agent in Somali society, and embodies the type of visionary leader that Vanguard Africa will seek to support. Currently, our staff is working to improve Fadumo’s international profile through strategic advocacy and outreach, including to prominent media outlets. Importantly, we are also working to bolster her personal security, which will be paramount while she campaigns for the presidency in Somalia.

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